Health Insurance Story

This is a story about health insurance. It is actually a real life account of the difficult time my wife and I went through trying to obtain health insurance for our family. A few months ago, we found ourselves in need of health insurance. After my employer filed for bankruptcy, I decided to be self-employed. The health insurance I had at the time (through my employer) only lasted until the end of the last month and then I was presented with the option of letting our policy expire or continuing with COBRA. The problem was, the COBRA premiums were roughly 3 times more expensive than the original insurance payments. Basically, we were forced to expire our policy because we couldn’t pay the COBRA payments.

I contacted an independent insurance agent who sold health insurance for Anthem Blue Cross, as well as several other insurance companies. I asked him for health insurance quotes. We needed a policy for my wife, myself and our 3 children (with our fourth child on the way). She took some preliminary information and then asked me to go to her website to complete the application. The application was multiple pages long and it took me about half an hour to complete it on their website.

I submitted our request and waited for a response. When she finally contacted me, she told me that we had been denied coverage due to “pre-existing conditions.” I have had some back problems in the past and I suppose the insurance company did not want to take the risk that I would need more treatments or surgeries. Anyway, in short, they turned us down.

He wasn’t really sure what to do at the time. My family needed insurance but we couldn’t pay COBRA. I started researching health insurance online and came across a site called Health Insurance Anthem Blue Cross. It is a site maintained by a local insurance agent named Tom McDonald. I filled out the form and then called Tom. He told me that he could get around the pre-existing clause by getting a group policy. I guess if he gets group insurance, the insurance company can’t refuse coverage based on pre-existing conditions. I had an LLC that my wife and I filled in a few years ago. She uses it to sell children’s clothing and blankets that she makes and I use it for some real estate investment work that I do. Tom told me that we would qualify for group insurance as long as we applied for it using our LLC rather than applying for it as individuals.

We went through the online application process and had to prove that the LLC was active and that my wife and I were members of the company. After about a week, Blue Cross issued our policy! My wife and I (and all of our children) finally had coverage and we were very happy with the way things turned out. We opted for a PPO and it was the type of coverage that paid our medical bills Surety Bonds  100% as soon as the annual deductible was met. Because my fourth child was born and my wife had to have a C-section, our deductible was met almost immediately and all of our medical bills for the remainder of that year were paid 100% by Blue Cross! That policy saved us something like $ 40,000 that year because it turned out that I needed to have another back surgery after all!

The point of this letter is this: Being able to apply for health insurance online is very quick and convenient. However, it’s also nice to have access to an agent who knows the ins and outs of health insurance, someone who’s on your side, you know? By using this website we got the best of both worlds and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for health insurance.